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The Fall of Bakhmut and Beyond – What Next …?

Russia’s long grind to take the city of Bakhmut was completed last Friday,

with the clean-up and capture of abandoned Ukrainian units still inside the

city and surrounding area continuing as the priority task for the Russian

military, now underway. Bakhmut became to Zelensky, in many ways, what

Stalingrad became to Hitler during WWII. In many ways, the Russian High

Command turned Bakhmut into the graveyard of the Ukrainian Army.

Years from now on, when we look back at this war, Bakhmut will occupy a

special place as having been a turning point … for now, to what end.

It is important to understand that Bakhmut is not as economically

important as Mariupol to the south, which fell to the Russians a year ago in

May 2022, but it is geographically significant. That is why Ukraine fought

so desperately to hang on to it and expended the lives of tens of thousands

of its soldiers in a vain effort. It was also too important to Zelensky because

it kept the lie and the narrative going in order to continue to justify the war

in an attempt to justify the flow of U.S. aide – military equipment, arms

and munition and DoD contract assistance. It is a vicious circle. Again, all

built on a lie spewed by the U.S. political and military leadership, the

military industrial complex, and the defense contractors to produce and

make billions in profits off of U.S. taxpayer dollars. All echoed by the

corrupt and phony NeoCon, Neo-Liberal War Mongering Forever War

politicians on both sides of the aisle – Democrats and Republicans. They

are all the stupidest and the most ignorant fucking morons to ever walk the

face of the earth, literally. Every one of them -- and equally their fans,

supporters and donors.

Having served on the White House NSC staff, I can tell you that, anyone

who walked into the Biden Oval Office or into the conference rooms of the

NSC staff and said the things that I do about the Ukraine conflict would be

escorted off the grounds immediately ... or worse.

It is important to understand that the administrative stated, aka the Deep

State, is an ideologically-pure organization that has decided that it is

winning a war or must win a war against Russia in order to extend

LGBTQRS, and everything else to the rest of the world. And that our way is

the only way. It's us or destruction.  It lacks clear strategic imperative, geo-

political logic and clearly driven by 100% manipulated and politicized

intelligence orchestrated by the politically placed leadership and longtime

indoctrinated civilian senior ranks that began on day one of the Clinton

administration and accelerated during the Obama reign.

Now with Biden Regime, there can be no compromise. Their attitude

transcends lunacy with the holier than thou, ‘We are right. We are morally

superior. The Russians are evil and deserve to be destroyed. If you don't

take that position, you're out.’

In the meantime, the Russian’s military’s contract private military company

(PMC) similar to the U.S.’ “Blackwater” … Wagner’s senior leader, Yevgeny

Prighozhin, announced on Friday that, “Ukrainian troops completely

retreated from the eastern border of Bakhmut, noting that the fighters of

the Wagner PMC began operations to clear the area from the soldiers

remaining there, who, most likely, would not be able to retreat.

The reality is that nearly a month ago it became clearly obvious how bad the

situation was for Ukraine as the Ukrainian Vushniks began to withdraw

from the center of the city along secondary roads, after Russian forces and

Wagner PMC took fire control of the main supply routes and Bakhmut’s

defenders were essentially running out of time and again, by early Friday

Bakhmut has fallen into Russian hands.

Bakhmut marks the second time since the start of the Special Military

Operation (Russian operations inside of Ukraine) that Ukraine has been

unable to stop a comprehensive Russian attack and unable to mount a

counter offensive to rescue trapped forces. The first failure was Mariupol,

last spring. That attack was led by the Chechen units of the Russian Army.

Once Mariupol was secured and the Ukrainian troops rounded up, the

Chechens were redeployed to the rear to rest and refit.

Just like the Chechens did in Mariupol, the Wagner Group was the

spearhead of the Russian attack in Bakhmut. We anticipate in the coming

weeks, the Russian General Staff but if past is Russian prologue is correct,

we expect the Wagner Group to be pulled off the line, as happened with the

Chechens, and be that force will redeploy – being sent to a secure area in

the rear to rest, recuperate and refit.

Russia’s siege on Bakhmut started a year ago in May 2022 by intense

shelling, with the main assault on the city starting on August 1, 2022,

following the fall of Mariupol the damage inflicted on the Ukrainian

military is stupefying, its staggering. By the numbers: Ukrainian casualties

(military and civilian), including missing and captured, exceed 600,000.

Roughly 50,000 Ukraine military. Even if we assume the numbers are cut